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Deploying multiple projects from one solution with Azure DevOps

If you are building a modern web application, you will often need a frontend and a web API. I always want to keep these projects apart to maintain separation of concerns but to enable easy code sharing and developer focus, I also like to keep the projects in one solution. I love to use Azure DevOps for my CI/CD work, so I want to deploy these artifacts with one pipeline. In this post, I will show you, how you can do this. I do expect some basic knowledge about setting up a build and release pipeline in Azure DevOps. Visual Studio Solution For this blog post, I created the following solution. The solution contains a web application and a WebAPI. Both projects share the Domain class library. Build pipeline The solution can be built with the classic workflow or using the new yaml templates. For this post, I use the classic editor with the template for ASP.NET Core. The default settings for the build can be used. By default, all projects will be built and all p

Blazor session at DOTNED SATURDAY

On January 26 2019 I will give a session about getting started with Blazor at DOTNED Saturday ( ). The session will be in Dutch.