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Using pictures in ASP.NET MVC Core with Entity Framework Core

Using pictures in ASP.NET Core MVC is not always very straightforward. A lot of articles you find simply upload the pictures to a www-folder and use them from there. This may work if you host your own website. This approach will give problems when using a cloud service. A cloud service may terminate your deployed version and may spin up a new fresh version to replace the old one. All pictures uploaded to the www-folder will then be lost and your database will have references to resources on the file system that do not exist anymore. In this post, I will show you how to store the images in your database and use them from there. The code for this blog post can be found here . For this example, I create a simple application to upload a profile to a website. I deliberately don't pay attention to the layout of the site, because it will only distract you from the meaningful code.  I have created a regular ASP.NET Core MVC 6 application using the templates available in Visual Studio 2022.