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Writing unit tests with GitHub Copilot

Introduction A lot of developers do not like to write unit tests. Generative AI tools like GitHub Copilot can help you write unit tests. At least that is what these tools promise. In this blog post, I will write some unit tests using Github Copilot (with Chat) for a simple example to check if the promise is kept and what kind of changes to the generated code I have to make as a developer to get decent unit tests. Example For this blog post, I will use a probably familiar example of order and orderline items.  First tests  This code does not have a lot of logic to test. So let's add some logic to the order class. I ask GitHub Copilot to generate the code for calculating the total price for an order. In this code, I also changed the public list into a private one.   I can now ask Copilot to generate a unit test for this code using the prompt: "Can you generate a xunit test for the order and orderlineitem class where the order has 2 orderlineitems". Three unit tests were gen